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Rules for Mc Adventures Minecraft server and Discord server

[1] Do not cheat/hack.
1.1 Hack-clients, exploits, autoclicker, flying, x-ray, duping, glitching, afk fishing or other ways that gives you benefits are not allowed.
1.2 Allowed clients/mods:
 - Badlion Client
 - Optifine
 - Shaders
1.3 Unallowed clients/mods:
 - X-ray
 - Sigma client
 - Wurst client
 - Fly
 - Autoclicker
 - Antiafk
1.3.1 Any mods or clients not listed here, are NOT allowed! Contact staff if you are unsure if the mod/client is allowed.

[2] Do not grief, steal or pvp in any way. (PVP is allowed if you have an approval to do so).
2.1 Do not destroy, explode or make any marks in any way on others places.
2.2 Do not steal crops, items, animals, or anything another person own inside or outside a claim.

[3] Lag machines and some farms are NOT allowed.
3.1 Machines/farms producing alot of mobs, or using alot of resources like hoppers, observers, tnt and pistons for one small farm is forbidden.
3.2 Some huge mobfarms (for example guardian) causing lag or huge benefits are not allowed. Contact staff if you are unsure if your farm is allowed.
3.2.1 Mobfarms are allowed in Skyblock. This is both spawner and natural spawn included. Be careful to follow Rule 3.1.

3.3 0-tick farms is not allowed.
3.4 Farms in Nether and End are not allowed. (Skyblock not included).
3.4.1 MCMMO-SERVER ONLY: Farms in Nether is allowed as long as it is open for everyone to use.
3.5 Big stone gens  are not allowed in Skyblock due to lag. Ask staff if you are unsure of how big it can be.

[4] Do not use inappropriate names or skins.

[5] MCMMO-SERVER ONLY: Don`t build within 150 blocks from another player`s build/claim without their permission.

[6] Anti-afk is NOT allowed.
6.1 Any method of preventing afk detection is forbidden. Every player will be kicked automatically to lobby after 30 minutes. Respect this.

[7] VPN or Proxy is not allowed.

[8] Alts are not allowed.

[1] Dont grief the villages! (Pokemarts and Gyms)
Dont claim any villages with the claim system! (They are supposed to be open for everyone) - Claims found inside villages or gyms are removed instantly.

[2] Dont grief or steal from other players! (Even if they haven't claimed)

[3] Homes and claims are not allowed in other worlds than the normal overworld and will be removed. (Commands will be disabled in the future)

[4] Alts are not allowed in Pixelmon. This can abuse legendary-spawn etc.

[5] Do not use pokemons or any other ways to prevent AFK-ing.

[1] Be respective to others.
1.1 Accept that other people may have different opinions.
1.2 General rules and manners is included here.

[1] Be respective in chat.
1.1 No swearing, spamming or abusing caps.
1.2 No racism or bad language. (This may be reported to the police if it is severe).

[2] Do not advertise other Minecraft or Discord servers. This includes misspelled name of that server. 

[3] This is an international server, therefore talk in english. If there are only players from same country you may talk in that language.

*We do not stand responsible for any lost items from deaths. You may report it to us, but do not expect us to accept.*

Breaking the rules will result in a warning and a potenial ban.